Celebrating Life’s Defining Moments with Nikon

Nikon Lenswear

Nikon is known for exceptional quality. With over one hundred years of brand legacy and expertise, they have a history of creating precision optics and imaging products to elevate all of life’s greatest moments. With their Nikon Lenswear product line, creative agency Curiious partnered with CoBox in creating a brand campaign to be showcased globally across Nikon in-store locations and social media channels.

CoBox and Curiious focused on building compelling and visually striking stories featuring Nikon Lenswear’s optical excellence in everyday life. Working collaboratively with Nikon’s Marketing and Product team, we ensured the stories aligned with target audience personas of ‘Empowered Achievers’, and that the pieces were accurate in their representation of the lenses in action.

There were three main challenges for CoBox in this brief. The first was designing the stories around Nikon brand values and finding the right sequential flow. The pieces needed to draw on the human emotion around milestone moments that elicit big emotional responses like winning, succeeding, and exploring, but also balance the simplicity of everyday life and the challenges in performing daily tasks with confidence.

We responded with featuring three main customer personas (‘the designer’, ‘the adventurer’, and ‘the coach’), and depicted their inspirational journeys from point of purchase to moments of victory and achievement.

The second challenge was ensuring global appeal with the stories, locations, and casting. With the campaign released in Canada, China, and France, we had to ensure that regional specificity was minimised, and the impact of the messaging was universal. We built the stories to have cross-cultural appeal, organised locations with ambiguous geography across Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and then made diverse castings to better represent the multi-national markets.

The third challenge was distinguishing the product category of lenswear from glasses and spectacle framing, and informing audiences of the Nikon lens option. Consumer awareness of the choices around the brand of lens for their glasses is low, so we had to clearly communicate the benefits of the Nikon lenses, and not just the frames. We made this a key part of each creative, wherein each story featured an optometrist fitting the lenswear for the protagonists. Graphics also explicitly called to attention the remarkable features of the lenswear.

Production featured filming on locations across multiple days in the Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney Inner-city football pitches, and a purpose-built fashion runway in one of Sydney’s most prestigious design schools, the Whitehouse Institute of Design. With the dynamic locations, stunning detailed cinematography, and the coordination of dozens of cast members across three unique narrative journeys, Director Aaron Petersen and Creative Director Fabio Nardo shared the vision through to completion.
The result was three warm, aspirational stories in spectacular locations and striking emotional visuals, that illustrate the clarity, precision, and individuality of Nikon Lenswear. These beautiful short films came together through seamless collaboration and we are proud to have contributed to Nikon’s legacy of visual excellence.
Creative Agency :Curiious
Executive Creative Director/CEO :Michelle Schuberg
Creative Director :Fabio Nardo
Production Company :CoBox
Director :Aaron Petersen
Senior Producer :Sarah Linton
Director of Photography :Casimir Dickson
Production Manager :Elle Zirwanda
Production Designer :Zak Douglas
Editor :Luey Conway
Colourist :Gavin Dutfield
Motion Design and Compositing :Henry Bullen, Josh Thomas, Dave Abbott