Events to Engage your Workforce

Live Events, Hybrid Events and Activations

CoBox is no stranger to putting together elevated live events. We have been producing events for years, seeing their effectiveness as a transformative medium to drive communications and make an impact. Events are unrivalled in their ability to engage audiences and energise connections to brands or active messaging in real time. Now, in the post-COVID era, we’re seeing the need for events skyrocket. Here’s why:

With the return-to-office movement in full swing, the prospect of re-engaging a workforce with company messaging is no easy task. Recent reports show over 50% of workplaces have transitioned back to a hybrid model, and a further two thirds of Australian CEOs are pledging a decisive end to work-from-home in the next few years. The primary challenge arising is how to reinvigorate your employee-base to internal branding and reforge connections in-office to drive company purpose and foster a passionate culture. The answer lies in face-to-face events and in-person experiences.

To stimulate new and returning employees, businesses need to go beyond traditional messaging, morning memos and culture meetings. Live hybrid events can transform internal communications and engage your audience, both local and remotely. The dynamism of a live event and its diverse media offerings - be it interactive panels, blending of speakers and engaging video, and face-to-face audience participation - can elevate any purpose and re-energise a room (on and offline). When we facilitate a candid, fast paced presentation, occurring in real time, it captures attention and creates a forum for important conversations to make your employees feel seen, heard, and part of the larger community. A well-produced live event is a powerful tool to drive messaging, values, and inter-organisational relationships with authenticity and engagement.
CoBox produce a wide range of live events on topics spanning from advocacy, awards ceremony, corporate presentations, fundraising and engagement events. We collaborate, co-develop, and co-ordinate your messaging with tailored audience experiences to strengthen your workforce and accelerate internal engagement.

When CoBox was approached by Accenture’s Healthy Minds network to produce a national event from Melbourne for their R U Ok? Day, we relished the challenge of bringing this mindful experience to life. The goal of the event was to spark conversations, and with popular radio duo Will and Woody as guests, the topics were approached with humility and humour, opening up discussions with the in-room audience and remote participants across the country. We produced this hybrid event, consolidating the event messaging, visual ID and managing the talent, and of course delivering smooth audio-visual feed that would amplify the event offsite.

Other recent collaborations have seen us produce a variety of events, including Internal Supplier Award Ceremonies, and a Q&A Panel Event on the Voice to Parliament with Adam Goodes, Professor Megan Davis, and legendary journalist Jeff McMullen. So, no matter the topic or event, CoBox are your reliable and experienced event partners who offer worry free, seamless events with a smile :)

As we continue in the post-covid era, the execution and commitment to stronger workplace experiences will be an integral part of the transition back to office. Live events bring unity and real-time engagement with organisation values and messaging that can transform your workforce for the better. The next time you need to launch a new internal communication campaign or create engagement with your employee-base, think of us to remove the stress of live events from your to-do list, ease your workload, and simply help you sit back and enjoy ‘your’ show.