Earlyrise Baking Co.

Soft Launch Campaign

Earlyrise Baking Co have been in the bread-baking business for over 100 years. This year, Earlyrise needed a standout brand campaign to support the launch into mainstream supermarkets throughout New South Wales. Earlyrise partnered with marketing company Avenue 85 and Cobox to develop a targeted campaign appealing to new customers and introducing the full breadth of the Earlyrise brands. The first stage was a soft launch TVC campaign released prior to the full campaign, release expected in early 2022.
Renowned and well established in the Central West, Earlyrise needed to take the next step reaching to the broader New South Wales region, including the ultra-competitive metro markets. This desire for a fresh look needed to be balanced with clear representation of the family legacy which runs through the Earlyrise brand.

Our challenge was to establish a modernised approach mixed with the sense of tradition and avoid falling victim to cliché tropes frequently associated with bread commercials. Our concept needed to be fresh, innovative, and unique.

The first stage soft launch campaign included five commercials, each introducing the Earlyrise product range. Thanks to production design magic, we transformed a tabletop into 5 distinct settings accompanying each product range.

Director Aaron Petersen needed a cost-effective solution that moved away from filming on a tripod, so envisaged a stop-motion and slider approach. Each commercial captured early morning light by using a ‘gobo’ filter from a fixed source to best represent sunlight shining through an open window. The use of a motion-controlled slider allowed the camera to precisely follow the same path while products from the range were removed to later reverse the sequence and create a ‘reveal effect’ of each product as the camera moved across the tabletop.

For our clients first time experience of commercial production, it was unfortunately a remote session (due to the pandemic) however, our innovative remote streaming solution allowed them to be involved at all stages as though they were onset.

The Earlyrise Baking Co soft launch campaign broadcast throughout NSW and had an overwhelming response from consumers and brand awareness. It’s been a great start for Earlyrise Baking Co products hitting the shelves throughout NSW.

Who knows what’s to come with the full brand campaign release in early 2022. We can assure you, the Earlyrise Baking Co range tastes amazing and is definitely here to stay.

Marketing and Strategy :Avenue 85
Creative Agency :Cobox
Producer :Rachel Lane
Director :Aaron Petersen
Director of Photography :Robert C Morton
Motion Design :Alice Peacock