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In Australian culture, delivering an Acknowledgement of Country at the start of gatherings or meetings holds immense significance. However, encouraging individuals to offer personal and authentic Acknowledgements without fear of being disrespectful, or making mistakes, can be challenging. Accenture Australia enlisted the help of CoBox to empower its employees to deliver respectful and meaningful Acknowledgements with confidence.
As part of its Reconciliation Action Plan, Accenture had commissioned an art piece by Saretta Fielding “Mariyang Yapung - Onward Path”, which tells Accenture’s story of commitment to change and reconciliation. Our Creative Director Aaron Petersen’s vision was to harness the power of this artwork, exploring its layers of symbolism with elements woven throughout the narrative. Producer/Writer Sarah Linton worked with the Accenture team to connect the spoken words with the deeper meaning of Saretta’s work, focusing on Relationships, Respect and Opportunities.

The narrative itself was delivered by Accenture people representing different regions across Australia. Aaron chose to film using cutting edge, immersive Volume technology, allowing the crew to capture our busy, senior corporate talent in multiple locations in a single shoot day.

In post-production, we worked with long-term CoBox collaborator, award-winning Art Director Brendan Cook, to unite live action and animation, creating something truly spectacular.

Saretta’s artwork utilises a sand-based medium, and Aaron and Brendan worked together to bring the rich texture and dimensionality of the work to life, integrating its elements into the cinematic landscapes using detailed 3D animation.

It was important to faithfully represent the fine sand textures, depth and bright colours, and to determine a logical sequence in which to build and reveal the final artwork. One of the biggest challenges was blending our 3D generated artwork elements with the photographed artwork in a seamless way, ensuring the rich complexity found in the physical artwork appeared like a character in the overall story.

The primary graphics tool we used was SideFX Houdini, a 3D animation application. This was used to simulate thousands of individual textured lines painting on. A variety of point and surface noise settings were employed to give each paint stroke a unique character. FLIP Fluid Simulation was also used to visualise an imaginary brush, painting on the key pathways. The shots were rendered in Octane with a very shallow depth of field, to simulate a real-world camera, with consideration to match the lighting and colours of the physical work. The final result included a mix of 3D generated content from Houdini, blended with the photographed artwork, all composited together in Adobe After Effects.

From invaluable client input, to creative storytelling and production problem solving, we believe this project showcases content collaboration at its finest, and we are all thrilled with the end result.

It looks fantastic. It’s the best use of the graphics into an animation that we have ever seen. At times we thought we were looking at the original artwork. Really love the outcome!!!

- Saretta Fielding (Artist) & John Hancock (Art Director)

This is amazing and what we have been looking for. This will make a real impact.

- Alison Kari-Cox, Accenture

The film is currently being used at live events and in meeting spaces, and there are plans to use an enhanced education version across the organisation to help Accenture’s people - particularly overseas employees - understand the importance of delivering a meaningful Acknowledgement of Country.
Production Company :CoBox
Director :Aaron Petersen
Sarah Linton :Senior Producer
Production Lead :Elle Zirwanda
Kent Marcus :Director of Photography
Art Director :Brendan Cook
Colourist :Gavin Dutfield