Environment Video: Helping to build a sustainable future

Accenture Australia

Accenture Australia approached our team, seeking a video that would effectively explain their sustainability targets and goals. They sought an engaging and educational awareness campaign to be shared throughout the Accenture community and beyond. The key objective was to highlight Accenture’s commitment to these goals, and the proactive actions and steps the company continues to take to propel these goals forward, towards a more sustainable future. In short, the video needed to dig into the ways Accenture is making real impact, one action at a time, aiming for net zero emission by 2025.

Harnessing the power of storytelling, director Aaron Petersen conceptualised an engaging structure for our video, driven by meaningful testimonials and personal insights. It was important for Cobox to communicate our shared human experience as we tackle the immense challenge that climate change presents.

Our inspiring video tells a human story, not a corporate one. We required talent who didn’t just talk the talk, we needed real environmental superstars with a genuine passion for climate action.

Director Aaron Petersen, Producer Sarah Linton and DOP Ollie West hit the ground running in Melbourne’s stunning Fitzroy Gardens capturing the presenter pieces to camera from Hannah, Jose and Fergal as well as some truly gorgeous beauty shots on a blessed Melbourne Day!

Lucky enough, the crew filmed with the brand-new Sony G Master 50mm lens which captured the natural environment springing to life in the lush, sun-drenched gardens. To reduce possible distracting sound, our ninja DOP Ollie West filmed the entire video barefoot. It’s safe to say we gave the term ‘getting in touch with nature’ a whole new meaning.
As the video explores the importance of the environment, it was vital to Petersen that the piece be shot on the move, away from an office setting and amongst nature. Petersen comments that life never sits still. His preference is for moving frames that make static shots standout.

Filming this piece to camera on the move was another instance where Petersen guided creative decisions to strengthen the overall impact of our work.

We love this video, everyone is talking about it!

- Nadia Naguib, Accenture

Getting the tone of the script right was integral to our success. We needed to tap into shared human experience to encourage people to really listen, at a time where audiences are experiencing sustainability fatigue. We were enthusiastic to cut through the noise, encourage viewers to jump on board and see that they could be part of real, meaningful change.

Our post-production team worked with editor Mat Evans and turned the project around in under 5 days, selecting the perfect soundtrack and supplemental footage to push the video cinematically.

As a company, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and spreading this message loud and clear. We cannot turn back time, but what we can do is align ourselves with those who are actively fighting the climate crisis. We are proud to have produced this campaign video for Accenture, which aligns with our social, environmental and creative vision.

Creative Agency :Cobox
Producer :Sarah Linton
Director :Aaron Petersen
Director of Photography :Ollie West
Editor :Mat Evans