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Accenture Australia

Each year Accenture Australia releases a comprehensive recruitment campaign aimed at new graduates and career-switchers to come aboard their national team.

Cobox, as long-time collaborators on Accenture’s recruitment content, were approached to revise and refresh the look and feel of this year’s campaign to drive recruitment and brand representation. We were tasked with creating a five-video series that introduced the Accenture ‘Analyst Experience’ of a small group of recent graduates.

The key challenge for any recruitment campaign is to balance and thread the brand story and all its fundamental values with the story of the prospect into a narrative that creates interest and attraction.

Recruitment content can historically appear impersonal and intimidating, so we wanted to hone in on the human stories and employment experience behind the graduates. Going further, we wanted to reflect Accenture’s core values of inclusion and equity, no matter your identity, to drive the campaign to attract innovative and unique talent.

Accenture’s recruitment campaign was to be launched on socials as well as at graduate fairs and trade shows. It was important for us that the videos were therefore visually striking and emotionally compelling to capture and keep attention no matter the context.

Pre-production kicked off with Accenture organising a pool of Analysts for the project.

We conducted screening interviews with each of them to narrow down the number of talent to those with unique stories and compelling presentation. Concurrently we were designing a refreshed and dynamic look for the videos utilising real time effects with Pavo Tubes captured by state-of-the-art Komodo RED Cameras.

Cobox began a hectic multi-day shoot spread out over Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. Over three different cities, with three different crews, and very specific techniques and dynamic lighting set ups, we carried out production with a consistent style replication despite the challenges and time crunch.

The result was striking neon-lit studio interviews contrasted with documentary style shoots of the analysts’ personal lives. From St Kilda’s beaches to the heart of UNSW’s Sydney Campus, we delved deep into each individual’s story leading into their Accenture experiences.

Post-production saw a fast turnaround of the videos, involving more film effects and light leaks to enhance the narrative elements of the stories and provide the polish. In this process, we worked closely with Accenture to garner feedback to make sure we were hitting all the right notes.

In the limited release so far, the final campaign has been highly successful in hitting the right messaging and impact for recruitment growth. The videos not only showed off the compelling journeys the four individuals had at Accenture, but also how the company supports and nurtures its graduates to the next level.

The client was more than happy with the result, and we look forward to seeing the next generation of talented and inspirational individuals join the Accenture community.

Production Company :Cobox
Director :Aaron Petersen
Senior Producer :Sarah Linton
Production Manager :Elle Zirwanda
Director of Photographer :Kent Marcus, Rob Pollard
Editor :Deborah Sovierzoski